Lightning and Lightning Bugs

When I started processing this photo I couldn’t figure out what those little stripes of yellow across the scene were…  I almost went in to remove them, thinking that it was some weird reaction my camera had to the bright lightning flash, then realized that it was actually light trails from the lightning bugs!  I had once read that they tend to light up in response to bright flashing light, so it makes sense that a couple would be seen after a lightning strike.  I’ve wanted to somehow capture them when there are hundreds all at once in a field, but they really don’t put off as much light as one would think… I also read that a lot of photos that you see of them in large quantities have been faked, so I don’t know how I feel about that.  I tried a month or two ago to get a photo, but I never processed any of them yet… Good reminder to go back and check those out!

Lightning Bugs Illinois William Woodward