Photo Shoots

Had a great weekend of photography, well actually last week too.  There is a building that I’ve tried to get some shots of before, but the first go-round didn’t really pan out, so I made it back there on Wednesday and got a few angles that I think will really turn out.  I also had a really fun photo shoot with a friend of mine, Lauren, who did awesome in front of the camera.  I’ll be sharing some of those in the next few days.


A new opportunity arose early last week to work with a firm that wanted to license a piece of mine for a customer based in Canada!  How cool, so they will be using the shot for some literature and other parts for a conference.  The story behind the shot was part of my trip out to visit the sister in Arizona last year, with one of the criteria being getting some time hiking up on Camelback Mountain.  As I said then and I’ll say again, getting a photo like this unfortunately means climbing down the mountain in the dark!

Lightning Over the City

A Bit More Lightning

Well it seems the summer storm season has come and gone, but I’ve still got a couple more up my sleeve.  I’ll sneak them in over the next few weeks, and keep all sorts of new and old ones coming!

Lightning City Illinois William Woodward