Morning Fog

I woke this morning to a terrific haze hanging over the fields, and the sun was still low in the sky.  I was planning on being to work about 10 minutes before my morning meeting, get some coffee and settle in, but on the way I saw something that I had to go back for… I tried to get a photo out the window, but I wasn’t happy with the result so I turned around and set up for the real deal.  Here is a sneak peak of what is to come.

The Simple Joys

The Simple Joys of Childhood

One of the great events of the world famous Kirkland, IL fireworks are the Firefighter water fights, which I’ll explain a bit more about when I get some photos done of the action. Afterwards, the hustle settles down a bit, and I got this great shot of two children going to investigate the hose.

Simple Joys Illinois William Woodward