HDR Lightning!

Wow this was a fun photo to take and to work on!  I was standing in the middle of the road as the storm began to pass to the south of my original spot, and I kept the shutter open as long as possible waiting to get the perfect strike.  All of the sudden (no other cars had passed all night) this car is heading my way, the shutter is open, and this perfect single bolt comes down from the sky!  I am begging my camera to hurry up and finish the exposure in order to not get too much of the car coming my way and blinding it with light (that and I really needed to get out of the road).  The shutter closes and I grab the tripod and get out of the way, taking a little victory moment as I saw the back of the camera light up with the preview of the shot.

 There’s nothing better in the world than a little bit of scared to get you doing the right thing. Fear can make you faster, smarter, stronger, absolutely.  – Laird Hamilton

HDR Lightning! Illinois William Woodward