Forest Sunburst

I’ve had a lot of shots lately with sunburts in them.  I love the way they look and think they add so much feeling to a photo.  I’ve got another behind the scenes photo, taken a couple of weeks ago.  Seems like I’ve been out in the woods a lot lately, and as always armed with the camera, wandered off from the campfire to take a few sets of photos.

Forest Sunburst Illinois William Woodward

This shot ended up being a little tricky, as the sun was setting pretty fast.  I wanted to get just the right amount of sun coming between the trees, too much made the photo blown out, and too little didn’t have the sunburst effect I was going for.  A lot of times dense greenery is not so great for HDR, as I’ve seen while processing other photos, but this one was offset just right with the sun and came out just right.