Lights of the Clark Bridge

Well this weekend I’m off again, heading down to Memphis, TN.  I’ll have three nights there, so plenty of time to get out and see a few new sights, take a few photographs.

Clark Bridge Kentucky William Woodward

Last week while I was in Louisville, KY, I had a pretty good idea of a couple of shots that I really wanted to get.  One of them was this one, below, downtown Louisville and reflections on the Ohio River.  This photo was actually taken from Indiana, and I really didn’t mean to get here when I did, as I was not agreeing with the directions given by my GPS I ended up on this side of the river completely by accident.  I didn’t even have my tripod with me!  Luckily, there was a nifty post stuck by the river bank, just big enough for me to prop my camera bag on, and my camera on top of that.  It looks a lot darker than it actually was in my phone camera photo above, but you can see the faint outline of my camera set up waterside.