Ravens Rugby

Well we had a great game this last weekend, and I wanted to share this fantastic match report written by our very own Brian Lundeen.  Arguably one of the toughest matches we’ll play this fall regular season.

Last Saturday the Ravens brought rugby back to Rockford in a big way with a knock-down, drag-out match against the Chicago Riot.  The Riot traveled to Blackhawk Park en masse, bringing a veritable army of ruggers to intimidate the men of Rockford into submission.  This tough match-up for our first league fixture of the fall allowed us to polish the team-wide changes we’ve been making in a genuine trial by fire, and made us extremely thankful for the opportunities we were afforded last spring to train our new guys in stressful game situations.  Also making us extremely grateful were the old-boys who came out to support the team and help us hold a B-side match.

The fixture started at a feverish pace, but an inopportune penalty set the Riot up with a long kick for posts and a quick three points.  At about the ten-minute mark, Eight-Man Dan (who’s too cool to play Eight, but too nerdy to earn a new nickname) punched a try over the line near touch.  About five minutes later, the Ravens jumped up to a 10-3 lead with a hard-fought try by Will ‘Girl-Look-At-That-Body-I-I-I-I-Work-Out’ Woodward.

After some back-and-forth play for just over five minutes, the Ravens found themselves threatening near the Riot’s try-line.  After Aaron ‘Can-I-Bend-You-Over-My-Walker’ Cassioppi pulled the ball out of the scrum, a quick pass set up a Brian ‘Yes-You-May’ Thor dummy switch with Ben ‘Who-Was-That-Guy-Faking-That-Pass-To’ Hronek.  At the same time, Philippe ‘It’s-Life-Lesson-Time-Sweetheart’ Gardner opened a hole in the defense you could have driven a truck through by running a long fade pattern.  Rather than a truck, Brian ‘My-Toothbrush-Is-My-Crackpipe’ Lundeen shot through the hole grabbing a smartly placed pop pass on the way for a goose-bump coaxing try.  With the kick after, Rockford went up 17-3.

About ten minutes later, Rockford scored their last points of the match with a Luke ‘Seriously-Why-Am-I-So-Damned-Difficult-To-Tackle’ Wagner shifty-hipped try.  I’m dead serious; tackling this guy must be harder than helping Squirrel find his manhood at full mast:   Luke broke the outside center’s tackle, made short work of the wing with a fake pass, and simply ran around the fullback before setting the ball between the posts. An easy kick for Squirrel gave the Ravens a 24-3 lead.

Just before the end of the half, the Riot broke into the try zone for five more points, but missed the kick after to make the score 24-8 in favor of Rockford.  Ten minutes into the second half, Chicago got over the Ravens’ try-line yet again, but, yet again, failed to get the two points after to bring their score up to thirteen.  A penalty kick about five minutes later brought the score to 24-16.

Not long after, the Riot was challenging at Rockford’s try-line again when a penalty was awarded at the seven-meter mark.  A quick pass put a Rioter in front of a hole in the Raven defense.  The aforementioned Lundeen with excellent oral hygiene took off at a dead sprint and stuck the Chicago player mid-step.  The tackle ended up contributing to a phenomenal Rockford stand that kept the Riot from getting their close-score bonus point, and left Rockford with a hard-fought 24-16 win.

Old School

This 1950’s medium format camera had a great feel to it, I felt kind of odd holding my 2011 DSLR getting this shot.

The Ricohflex was a series of 6×6 TLR made by Riken Optical Industries (Ricoh) in the 1950s. The focusing rings around the front lens elements of camera and finder lens are geared for synchronous focusing.  This was the world’s first mass-produced twin-lens reflex camera. – Camerapedia

Old School Shooting Illinois William Woodward