Sunrays Thru the Pier

Sooooo I decided that it was time for a real upgrade.  I started playing around looking for a laptop (mainly due to the fact I’ll be traveling a lot in the near future) and ended up deciding on this really nice HP. What?!  Not a Mac you say?!  Buy you’re a photographer, don’t all photographers use Macs?  No, not this one.  And I’m very happy about it.  We can agree to disagree.

In honor of this new beast (which I have to say really does a number on decreasing my time needed to develop these shots), I quickly went thru and developed a shot from Sunday night.  The evening was extremely calm, not a cloud in the sky, but as the sun hit the horizon the colors just glowed, and the glass lake created a perfect reflection for the shot.

Sunrays Pier Illinois William Woodward