Behind the Lens

If you’re a regular reader, you likely know how much I enjoy the “behind the scenes” style photos.  As often as I remember I’ll take out my phone and snap a shot of where I am and what I’m shooting.  I meant to have this one for yesterday’s post, but I hadn’t transfered it over yet.

A little different angle, but right about the same time.  Not to say that my phone camera has any comparable quality to my DSLR, but it’s pretty astounding the difference that a bit of HDR can do.

Sunset on the Sun Flowers

A bit earlier in the night, the sun casting it’s orange glow over a field of wildflowers, I set up for this HDR, which was a photo I had wanted to get for about a week now of the same flowers in front of my house.  Little did I know that I would be walking thru a field of them Sunday night!

Sunset Sun Flowers Illinois William Woodward