Tough Mudder

Well it’s been a little over a month since the Tough Mudder, and I wanted to take a day to post some of the photos we had taken that marvelous day.

The team, about to head up the hill to the starting line.

Ready for the countdown.

The monkey bars obstacle, I found the bars to be a bit too slippery, so I improvised.

Wet and muddy, theme of the day.

Tough Mudder



A team jump into water below.

Tough Mudder

Running thru damp, burning hay… Not so fun.


Happy to have completed a great event.


Also, what a great four day weekend, all sorts of events; concert, wedding, a picnic/food fight (yeah, a real food fight).  I’ll try and keep a nice mix of all these different types of posts, travel, life, videos, etc to keep things fresh!