Sneak Peak

I’m giving you all a quick preview of what is coming up tomorrow, and I’ll post another photo with it of the complete setup.  Heading out for an evening of fishing on the river, I persuaded dad to wait a bit longer while the sun dipped into the clouds.

Yellow Fields

Yellow Fields

Well this is my first Autumn shot for the year.  Driving home the other day, I noticed how yellow the fields were turning late in the season.  Luckily on this day there was a great sky of clouds, and set me up for this photo.  I can’t wait for the next few weeks as the trees are beginning to get their first hints of warm colors on the leaves.  I know that there will be some great opportunities for HDR.  Also, I’ll be traveling the end of this week to Louisville KY, doing work on a super secret project.  Not really super secret, but I’ll definitely be bringing my camera (not only for work purposes).  I’ve scoped out a few places that I definitely want to check out, and will leave the rest up to chance!

Yellow Fields Illinois William Woodward

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