Arch Walkways

I don’t really remember where this place was… I remember that I was walking around a small town, and I think had even got my first cup of coffee since arriving in Mexico, a cappuccino actually.  It was in a hitchhiked (well sort of, it was more of a pay a guy, and he let me ride with a tour group type deal) ride between Piste and Tulum.  I was wandering around town one morning and I saw a few tour vans unloading at a gas station, and asked around for anyone with an open spot.  It wasn’t long before I had a $10 open seat (I’m fairly certain this was significantly less than all the others on the ride) and a nice tour guide thru the Yucatan.  Anyways, I just loved the open structure of this building, and earthy colors that complimented it.

Arch Walkways Yucatan William Woodward