Down The Tracks

I got out to these train tracks for the first time about two or three months ago.  I realized how nicely the sun set in the perfect direction to get a photo looking straight down the tracks.

Down the Tracks

Having this new beast of a computer has beconned me to try some new things.  One thing that I’ve always wanted to do but either didn’t think my old machine could handle it, or didn’t really know well how to do, was a panoramic HDR.  I love my camera, but one thing that I still would like to get is a super wide lens, something in the 10mm range.  There are plenty of situations where I find myself wishing I could get a little more of the scene into a shot, and one way to do that is to take multiple angles and then stich them together in Photoshop.  In this one, my first shot was pointed really far down, barely getting into the sky at all.  I took my three photos for the HDR, then recomposed to get all the soft clouds in the sky, and took three more.  What came out of this was a pretty large photo, about 5k by 5k pixels (to put that in perspective, if you’re on a new, widescreen monitor, you’re probably looking at having 1920 pixels across the long way).

Down The Tracks Illinois William Woodward

Now I actually processed these photos separately, after finishing the full HDR (first photo), I was looking back and thought about how cool the underexposed photo looked, the tracks glowing off into the distance.

Down The Tracks 2 Illinois William Woodward