As I find myself developing more and more photos, I think I may end up having some days when y’all will get two photos! Today is one of those fine days!  This day did not present itself with any shooting opportunities, till all the sudden I found myself in front of this placid pond, with the sun hitting the horizon and colors filling the sky.

Placid Illinois William Woodward

This photo was taken later in the night than the second, after the sun had already dropped below the horizon, and the colors began to fade from the sky.  It helped out so that I could do a really long exposure, and even out any ripples that would have possibly been on the water’s surface.  It was a calm night with almost no wind, so it was already nearly mirror flat, so the reflections came out amazing.

Placid 2 Illinois William Woodward

As the sun hit the horizon, I kept going up and down the banks of the water’s edge to try different compositions.  When something looks so good it’s hard to find a bad angle, and that makes it even more tricky to decide where to spend the most time!

Placid 3 Illinois William Woodward