Looking Thru the Glass

The world changes for me when I get behind the camera.  It’s a way to express the things that I see in a way that appeals to others.  I find enjoyment in the stories that come along with my attempts, and every time I see a great scene thru the camera, I can’t wait to share it.

My life is like a stroll on the beach – as near to the edge as I can go – Henry David Thoreau

The Painted Horses

After a few great days in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, we were on the edge of the dreaded part of our drive, the long haul thru open country, and not a whole lot of planned activities to break up the hours ahead.  I knew I wouldn’t get a whole lot of interesting things thru my standard wide angle lens, so I put on the long zoom, and decided to see what I could get a little more up close and personal.  I almost missed this shot, we were cruising along pretty fast, I think the speed limit was 75mph, and I just plain wasn’t ready for it.  Luckily, I cranked the lens out to the full 300mm (so they were pretty far away) and was able to rattle off three shots, two of which turned out, but this one really captured the angle I liked.

Painted Horses Colorado William Woodward