Thru the Arch

Wandering around Cusco, Peru was a bit of an eye opening experience for me.  I was for the most part alone as I wandered too and fro in the city.  Trying my best to use my broken Spanish to find my directions, or locate a certain building.  I had been going and going since the day before, I actually slept in the airport in Lima, and woke at around 5a.m. or so to hop my flight to Cusco, so it’s sufficient to say that after a day of wandering the city, I was in a bit of a state of trancedence.  Miles passed under my feet, and still I wandered on.  One thing that amazed me is how many people there were on the streets at any given point in the day.  Ancient architecture of the Incas, built over by the Spanish, still lined the streets, the rocks smooth now after centuries past.

Thru Arch Peru William Woodward