A Puddle Full of Reflection

If you’re looking for a relatively easy access place to visit some ‘remote’ feeling spots in Colorado, I think Mt. Evans needs to be high on the list.  You literally drive as high as you can on any paved road in North America!  First of all, it’s a super fun drive.  There’s overlooks and beauty around every corner.  Not only that, but there’s not really and guards to speak of along the side of the road, and a good bit of the time it’s a pretty steep drop off.  I think that’s fun, but if you don’t like heights, ehh, maybe not so much.  I kept getting the “William keep your eyes on the road and quit looking out the window” comments all the way up.  If I did that how would I find so many neat places to photograph?!  That’s how we got stopped here, with these cool little puddles reflecting the whisping clouds across the sky.  In case you missed it before, head back HERE for a stunning view later in the evening, from the tip top of Mt. Evans.

I don’t intend to tip toe through life just to arrive safely at death – Eleanore Roosevelt

Puddle Reflection Denver William Wooodward