Gold Coast Oceanside

Missed one yesterday somehow!  Sorry about that.  We’ll knock out two today how about that?

Now I know these photos were both taken on the east coast of Australia. I’m 99% sure the first one is a view from Coolangatta. I had taken a flight up from Sydney, planning on meeting a group of friends for a road trip, and somehow managed to fly into the wrong airport. Even once I landed we all still thought we were in the same place, but finally figured out that I needed to take a train an hour north to actually get to Brisbane where they were. So no harm no foul, I explored around this area for a while, laid on the beach, met some cool folks in the hostel and spent the night sitting on the beach listening to a guy play an acoustic guitar. Very relaxed.

Oceanside Queensland William Woodward

Based on the date of this photo, I’m thinking it was somewhere a bit further north along the Gold Coast, I’m sure someone will recognize this area and be able to help me out.  But for now, we’ll let it be a nice rock wall extending into the ocean…

Oceanside 2 Queensland William Woodward