Max and Steve – Living on the Road

This is Max and his rat.  Max is from Michigan, but finds that it’s easier to live a life as a street performer in Arizona.  Winters get quite cold in Michigan, and you never know when you’ll have a place to stay, he told me.  When I met him, he needed to get out of the house that he was staying in for a few days to ‘clear his mind’, and the condemned building he was sleeping in was getting crowded with other wanders.  For money to feed himself and his rat, Max performed on Mill Ave in Tempe. He’s been practicing new performances to wow the crowd, and at the time we met, was happy to show off his progress.

One day Max hopes to be doing this with the ends of his ropes dipped into kerosene and lit on fire.

Max and Steve - Living on the Road

Max talks about how he left home at a young age.

Max and Steve - Living on the Road

There was quite a bit of emotion in his face as he talks about getting from Michigan to Arizona.


Another new trick, one day he’ll do this with a hammer and nail.

Max and Steve - Living on the Road