Computer Update

Well things still aren’t looking great for getting the lappy back up and running quickly.  Today & tomorrow I’ll be working on getting all the files copied off, and trying to minimize the headache of getting the system set back up the way I had it.  I’m kind of holding out hoping that a little miracle happens and I don’t have to set it up again.  Alas… I have a few photos in the stocks that I can post, but it will probably be next week or better till I’m back up to a daily post.

Memphis by Trolley

One of the best ways to get around downtown Memphis is via the State Street Trolley, and it’s got such a great old time feel to it, like you’ve stepped back in time. Even if you’ve got no where specific to be, they do loop back around and you’ll get to see a lot of the city, and probably several views that you wouldn’t have otherwise came across.

Trolley Tennessee William Woodward

Memphis by Trolley

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