Desktop Wallpapers

One thing I really enjoy doing is uploading the full size versions of my photos.  I think the bigger a photo is, the better.  The photo today is currently the background of my computers, and if you come across a photo in my posts that you enjoy, I hope that you all feel free to use it as your own wallpaper!  To get the best image for your computer, make sure you click the picture to make it larger.  In Chrome, right click and select “Save Image” and then set it as your wallpaper; in Firefox, right click and chose “Set as Desktop Background”; and in Internet Explorer, right click and select “Set as Background”.  Then enjoy!

Sunset Tip ~ Orange Silhouette 

The thing that really gets me about this shot is the way the color is so full.  Most times when shooting sunsets, and I’m no different, you’ll get caught up in the wide-ness of what you can shoot, so you end up with lots of photos that maybe don’t have color that really ‘fill’ the scene.  One thing I’ve found in sunsets that really makes the colors jump out at you is getting in really close with a zoom lens.  Find a subject that’s a ways in to the distance and focus there, then let the colors on the horizon fill the scene.

Orange Silhouette Illinois William Woodward