Silk Smooth ReflectionsWide Angle

As promised, I worked the last couple of nights on the new photos with my 10-24 wide angle lens.  Just like when you have anything new to you, it takes time to figure out the intricacies of what can be accomplished, and the best ways to do so.  Wide angle lenses can have some creative and interesting characteristics, and it’s been quite fun getting to know them as it get’s used more and more.

Silk Smooth Reflections

Tip of the day:  Ripples getting in the way of your super awesome reflection? Although you can usually get everything in focus at around f6 or better on a wide angle lens, sometimes going so far as f16 can give you a small enough aperture to let the shutter stay open for longer, letting any ripples or motion in the surface smooth out and disappear.  One thing to take care, is that if you are shooting in HDR, that you don’t start getting in to overly long exposure times, because most cameras won’t expose over 30 seconds without some extra tricks. This means that your center exposure needs to be 8 seconds or less. As you can imagine, this technique works on more than just rippling water, you can use it in pretty much any situation that has moving components that you want to see fade away.

Silk Reflections Illinois William Woodward