Part 1

You can check out Part 1 here if you missed it!

Part 2

A little further up the mountain, a little later in the evening, the colors ever changing and moving as the sun sets and the clouds shift.  This was actually the opposite (almost) direction from part 1, which was much more northerly.  As you move up the mountain, you’ll hit nearly every side, that is besides the side that is too shear even for a road (at least in the US).  If I had to pick a time to go up, it would definitely be a couple hours before sunset.  When you’re up there during a sunset, it’s unlike a sunset at ‘ground level’ because you feel much more a part of the skies.

Annie stayed back at the car while I was up exploring, and within a few minutes of each other, took all these pictures with my camera phone.

Colors of Colorado Sunsets - Part 2

Colors of Colorado Sunsets - Part 2

Colors of Colorado Sunsets - Part 2

After running off up one side of the mountain, I was able to get a clear view of the Rockies fading off in to the distance.  It was mind blowing the magnitude of such a place, and that all the colors were dancing in the sky.  When you’re in such an amazing place, you’ve just got to enjoy life.

Colors of Colorado Sunsets Part 2