Come Say Hello! 

I’ll be at FotoEnvy/Studio Works building at 317 W. Jefferson Street for most of the afternoon/evening.  Here’s a map to the location.  Stop in and say hey!

Evenings on the Streets of Cusco

Some 3000m above sea level, and in the southern hemisphere’s winter, it was a bit brisk in Cusco.  That did make for a nice temperature to wander around and not get warm walking up and down the large hills and narrow streets. Around every corner was a new scene, old lights illuminating the sidewalks, people bustling to and fro.


When you have lots of moving objects in your scene, it’s important to blend a single image back in to the final product to get rid of the ‘ghosting’ effect that you’ll have in your tonemapped image. Layer the two images in Photoshop and using the masking tool, mask thru the hdr down to one of the bracketted photos.  (I usually pick the 0 or +2EV for moving things, but use what is most interesting to you!)

Evenings of Cusco Peru William Woodward