Heading out on the road for a few big trips here soon!  For the next two weeks I’ll be heading out to New Jersey / New York City, so there will be lots of hotel nights spent developing photos and preparing for the next day’s work.  After a few days at home, then it’s back on the road to China & Taiwan!!!  More to come on the details of this second adventure!  In honor of these trips I picked up this great new ‘to go’ tripod setup.  My current tripod kit is awesome, and this is by no means will be replacing it, but when I need to fly, this will be my go to kit.

Sliver Moon at Sunset

Sliver Moon at Sunset

Walking back to the car to wrap up the night of shooting and the road had this really cool glow to it, so I figured I had time for one more.  When you’ve got a long exposure like was required here, sometimes you’ve got to rely on a bit of luck to not get any stray cars in the shot.  This one took about three attempts before it turned out just right, and there was a car about to peak over the horizon just seconds after the brackets finished up!  Good timing!

Sliver Moon Illinois William Woodward

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