Architecture in the MetThe Met

I absolutely fell in love with the Met.  I would fly to New York City for this single attraction alone. I could easily spend days in all the different rooms, taking in the art, taking in the architecture.  Stunning classics from the likes of  Monet and Renoir sit mere rooms away from ancient Egyptian tombs and mummies.

This is also where I met my friend Shannon from  We had an awesome day of shooting, and it was great to get out with another photographer to get their perspective on techniques and what makes ‘the shot’.

Architecture – Ancient and Modern


As you walk in to this room, the first thing that will take you is it’s magnitude.  The second thing that grabbed me were the lines leading my eyes around the space.  With the reflections of the pool surrounding the ruins, and the angles of the window wall, your eyes danced to and fro.

The Met NYC William Woodward