Taichung, Taiwan

Well I’m experimenting in making some behind the scenes type videos, so we’ll see how that goes.  My experience here in Taichung the last few days has been wonderful.  I’m pleased to say I have several new friends here, and can’t wait to come back to visit again.  There is a ‘tea story’, so we’ll get to that next week. Stay tuned.

Around the City – Day 5

‘In the Round’ was a neat little set up in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I actually set my camera down on the top of a glass case of an exhibit, and pointed it straight up in to the stained glass window on the ceiling you see here. I tried my best to center everything up when I shot it, but not being able to look in to camera at all, I think it was pretty close.

Around the City - Day 5

Coming up out of the subway, you enter this very vaulted ceiling area, with great tile work overhead, creating a seeming ’tile sky’ that is shaped and moving as you move under it.

Around the City - Day 5