T-Minus 2 days

Then heading for China! I’m sure even though we have a pretty busy schedule, there will be lots of photo time.  I’ll be mainly in Hangzhou, so it’s research time to see what the list of ‘to see’ will be.  Wednesday of next week we’ll be on to Taiwan, in Taipei and Taichung.  Needless to say, exciting times.

Down the Aisle of St Thomas

I was actually on my way somewhere else (technically to a different cathedral) when I saw this on around the corner.  One great thing about walking places is you end up finding all sorts of different things along the way!  This place was actually closed when I got there, which was quite disappointing.  Luckily, though, the groundskeeper happened to be at the door, and hadn’t locked it yet.  Apparently someone else inside was poking around, and as he went down the hall to get them moving, I quickly sneaked in set up behind the doors to the hall. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, as I had to apologetically have him unlock the doors to let me out.  But, got the shot!

Aisle St Thomas William Woodward