Hello and Goodbye to Taiwan

Good morning!  Glad to have you all here, and happy to be writing my first post about Taiwan.  I’ve had such an amazing time here, and will be happy to share lots of pictures.  Tonight (it’s 10pm here) is my last night in Taiwan, and it’s been such an amazing visual experience.  Not only that, I’ve really come to appreciate the people and the culture.  So much so that I’ll be spending my last night wandering the streets again, in search of a few trinkets to bring home with me.

While it is the rainy season, the weather to me has been quite good for photography.  Taipei has been home to me the longest on this journey, so I’ve begun to get to know it a bit.  I feel that one of the great aspects to travelling is to get to know where you are, more than just the tourist stops, but further in to the heart of what makes somewhere the way that it is.  You’ve been a fickle place to me Taipei, but in a good way.

Hello and Goodbye Taiwan William Woodward