Why You Should Always Have Your Camera

I’ve always been a proponent of “have it with you, and you won’t miss it”… I broke my own rule.  It was like one of those commercials for why you should have cable TV, and everything keeps happening bad because you are not at home watching TV… Don’t let it happen to you.


Well this was one of those times when I DID have my camera with me.  It wasn’t a spectacular sunset, nice colors and all but I was ready to get home. As I happened upon this huge puddle of water that had accumulated from the prior days storms, though, the reflections and perfectly still water were more than intriguing.  Luckily, the sod farm had left out some of their big equipment, and parked it nice an close to the water’s edge. Photographer’s note, getting close to the the surface of the water will gain you more reflection.  You may look crazy, but the pictures will thank you.  (Note, your muddy tripod may not thank you).

Industrial Illinois William Woodward