This great idea came from a good photographer friend of mine, Shannon, at  Here’s the premise.

Step 1 – Pack up your photo equipment.

Step 2 – Travel.

Bike, train, plane, car, feet.  Skipping, running, walking, shimmying, and cartwheels…  Whatever gets you from A to B.

When your clock hits the 10 minute mark, stop.  Take out your photo equipment and sniff out a great image!

I just read this idea the other day, and loved it.  So I’m thinking that we really need to get a group together and do it!  I hope to talk more with Shannon about this and set up a time frame, get a good group going, and see what we get!

For now, here is my submission, or first attempt.  It’s not perfectly 10 min directly away from my house, but it had been ten minutes of driving before we got to this particular spot.