Under Construction! 

When it rains it pours.  It seems that my laptop has had the wonderful issue of needing to be sent back to the manufacturer, in order to get a couple of issues looked at.  Nothing serious, but I’ll likely be without it all of next week.  On top of that, the following two weeks we’ll be putting the finishing touches on the COMPLETELY RE-DESIGNED WEBSITE!!! Needless to say I’m excited 🙂  But these two events happening at the same time will unfortunately string my time a little thin, and I believe I’ll probably step back to only a couple of photos a week.  Updates will be coming as they arrive, but we’ll be back in full swing by the end of the month!  Thanks for continuing your support!

Fireworks with a Glow

This was one of those ‘slam on the brakes that scene was awesome’ moments.  I would say that something like that, where you’re completely not out looking for a photo, but one just slaps you in the face as needing to be taken only happens once in a great while, but when it does, it’s super exciting.  This lonely fireworks stand was somewhere in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin, on some rural road.  The folks running it were travelling with this big tent and a load of fireworks, staying in motels and making a few different stops during the holiday season.  We had a nice across the street while taking photos conversation, and after I was happy with the shots, I stopped in for some fireworks!

Photo tip from this shot, even though you are shooting HDR, as long as you are on a tripod, the photos that you use don’t have to be from the same set of brackets.  Say, for example, your +2 exposure had a car passing by that you found distracting, take the same set of brackets again, and use the +2 from that series.  It’s an easy way to get the best scene that you envision.

Fireworks Illinois William Woodward