The Shores of West Lake

The weather was very much not cooperating when I went out for the day in China’s Hangzhou, intending to do some exploration of the famous ‘West Lake.’   Donning my rain coat and hoping for the best of a potentially wet day, spirits were still high.

Golden Glow

As the day progressed, it went from overcast, to overcast, to sprinkling, to overcast. No real rain was around to really ‘rain on my parade’, but it kept threatening.  The nice thing about that type of weather, though, is that it keeps the sky changing and interesting even in the middle of the day, which can be a pretty harsh time to be out and shooting.   This neat boat (maybe it was converted into a restaurant) was sitting pulled right up to the concrete pathway that surrounded this side of the lake, so I got up nice and close to the water’s edge to keep the pathway out of the shot.

Golden West Lake William Woodward