National Geographic

If you have a little extra time today, please head over to to ‘like’ my photo, ‘A Taiwanese Protest March’, which I’ve submitted to the Travel Portraits photo contest.  Many thanks!  As the contest progresses, I’ll keep y’all posted for what you can do to help 🙂

Green Light District



When I’m out shooting, I’ve been told that it is very much a ‘William show.’  When I pushed back as to what was meant by that, really it boils down to if I really want to get a shot, I’ll probably break a few rules in order to make it happen.   Take this one, for example, of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, connecting Staten Island in the distance, to the shore that I was on of Long Island in New York.  There was a fence that was really interrupting the interesting rocks that I knew would make a great foreground for this massive structure, so being a bit of a climber, I used the fence as kind of a mounted bar to lower myself on the the bank, and quickly made my way out on to the rocks for some different angles.  I really slowed down the shutter speed for this one, so that the waves breaking on the rocks would smooth out and create a nice sheen of color and light on the rock’s surface.   I would say that it was worth a little climb.  

Green Light NYC William Woodward