Site Updates

So we’re doing a bunch of work here, and really digging in to the design work of the new site.  I’ve realized that I’m a bit in over my head, though, and have enlisted the help of a wonderful company to assist in the behind the scenes work of getting everything up and running, and I’m super excited.  Hopefully we’ll be up and running in about a month!

Lost in the Met

I thoroughly believe that you could get lost in the Metropolitan Museum for days. Between having some of the most interesting artwork that I’ve ever been physically in front of, their entire building itself provided loads of interesting angles and views.  I really don’t have an issue photographing art.  I’ve heard that it’s a touchy subject for some folks, but I’m more of the opinion that this is more of a grand scheme of the area, than a depiction of the art.  What do you think?

Lost Metropolitan Museum William Woodward