Motion in Grand Central

What a perfect place to start out in New York City; Grand Central Station.  I feel like the act of travelling is underrated these days.  It’s all about where you’re going, not actually getting there.  Just a few decades ago, driving cross country was a pretty normal activity, taking the family/friends for a road trip was a vacation in itself.  One kind of romantic feeling (maybe I’m over analyzing) type of travel that I think is great is train travel.  Prop your feet up, sit back, relax, talk to your neighbors, look out the windows, stand up and walk around a bit, eat and drink and be merry.  New York City isn’t a great place to bring your vehicle in to, so the train is a great option for getting yourself in to the city quickly and cheaply.

When you arrive at Grand Central, and you walk in to this grandiose center, their is a feeling of history and modern bustle all in one.  The turquoise splashing the ceiling and architecture lead your eyes up and around.  For me it was a bit of ‘well where do I start taking pictures?!’ moment, as everything was so interesting.  First thing that I did was try and center up from the entrance, and get a spanning shot of the building.  Well, that put me setting up my tripod right next to a police officer in his golf cart…  Remember when I said people can’t say ‘yes’ unless you ask?  He informed me that tripods were not allowed in Grand Central, as a tripping hazard.  Jokingly I spread my legs around the legs of the tripod, and made myself a funny looking barricade to protect the people!  I asked if I could just take a shot or two quickly, and laughing, he said yes.
Grand Central NYC William Woodward