Had a wonderful meeting last night about updates to the website, and needless to say I’m extremely excited.  Big plans, and it will definitely be a huge visual improvement!

Panoramic Sunset

Well I had planned on this one being for the panoramic tutorial that I’m slowly but surely working on, but I believe I have a few better candidates as of more recent, so I’m re-working the instructional pictures.  Another exciting piece of news is there will likely be a video addition here in the near future, making the process even easier!   I’ve always said Illinois is a pretty good spot for sunsets, but really they can happen anywhere.  All it takes is some good cloud cover, and patience.  A mistake a lot of people make is thinking sunset happens earlier than they plan.  Likely the best colors will happen some 15-25 minutes after the sun actually hits the horizon, as the sun casts colors back towards the bottom of the clouds.

Summer Wheat llinois William Woodward