Taiwanese Protest March

While investigating some possibilities of things to do and see while in our down time in Taiwan, we came across the piece of information that there would be large protests happening around the Office of the President Republic of China.  You do your best to try and avoid those things while in some far off lands, but sometimes the best laid plans don’t always pan out.  While making my way around “Camera Alley” (yes, this is actually as awesome as it sounds, and I’ll be showing this place off a little later), which was supposed to well off of the scheduled ‘march path’ of the protest, outside I began to hear rumblings of chanting and horns slowly getting louder.  As I made my way outside, sure enough, off in the distance, the protesters were making their way right to me!  Well, not to be one to be terribly concerned with getting a little extra culture, I swapped over to my 50mm prime lens, and set up conveniently behind a line of police officers and excitedly awaited the chanting mob to arrive.  Apparently, something about me shouted “press” to the marchers, and I had a nice stream of folks who gave me a pose as they passed on by, and these two were easily the most notable in the ‘best pose’ category.  As to what the fellow on the right meant by that, I’ll leave it up to you.

Protest Taipei William Woodward