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The Crooked House

The Little Crooked House

Lots of times I’ll try out a photo in black and white.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes the color looks just as awesome as the black and white option.

Driving down some rural highway in New Jersey this little shed/barn/house/whatever it is caught my eye, but it was too late to pull over as I cruised past.  After more attempts than I would like to admit, I made it to a good place to pull off the road and wandered down to snap a few different angles of this building.  It was one of those places that the more you looked around, the more neat things you would find.  Like the other little shed that was off to the right side of the photo, or the weird slanting doors and window that was just a couple feet off the ground.  All in all, it turned out pretty fun.

The Crooked House

Crooked House New Jersey William Woodward