Daily Motivation

Here’s a nice one I came across in my email queue.  I don’t really remember where it came from, maybe Pinterest.  If this is your graphic, let me know and I will credit back to you!

The Towering 101

What a scooter rally this was!  I’m completely convinced that you will not find more scooters per square mile than in Taiwan.  I suppose this could be false, but of the places I’ve been, that comment still holds water.  Built in 2004, the Taipei 101 was the worlds tallest building for a while, before being taken over in 2010 by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.  I couldn’t be sure what was more interesting, actually going to the top of the 101 building, or all the different angles around the city that you could see it!  One thing that’s pretty unique to Taipei, is the relative lack of high rises that really compare to the 101.  You can see there are some tall buildings around, but the magnitude of the 101 is so much greater, that it creates a pretty neat effect.

Towering 101 Taipei William Woodward