10 Minute Photo

This week, let’s play a game.  My photographer friend Shannon from SSP came up with this fun idea, and I’ve already tried it out once.  The idea is to get you to take a new look at what you have around you, and get creative with your surroundings.  So, here are the rules of the game.  Grab your camera and a timer.  Set the timer for 10 minutes, hit go.  Now, start moving, whatever means you like.  Hop on a bus, get on your bike, in your car, in your favorite shoes (or no shoes), really, anything.  Don’t stop till the timer goes off.  When it does, stop wherever you are, and find a shot.  That’s it!  Nothing complicated, but it will take your creative eye to find something at this random location.

Here’s my first 10 minute photo, Bluebird House Silhouette.  More to come on the submittall process, but start thinking about your shots!

10 Minute Illinois William Woodward