10 Minute Photo

I know you’ve already submitted your photo to the challenge, but if you did, and didn’t get an email back from me, I didn’t receive it!  If you didn’t (you know who you are), do it today!  It’s really the last day!

Give me a Rest!

I’m not tired, but I’ve got a nice little tip for ya.  I’ve found that a lot of times there is a pretty cool view from the driver’s (or passenger’s) seat of a car, but if you’re not careful, you’ll get some gross reflections or shaky photos, especially in the evening.  So here’s what you do:

  1. TURN OFF THE CAR! Not if you’re driving, but usually you’ll have enough time at a stop light.  Worst case, someone honks at you if you take too long.  They’ll get over it.
  2. Get the camera as close to the glass as possible.  Doing this will reduce your risks of any reflections from inside the vehicle.
  3. Use whatever you possibly can to hold the camera in position that is not your hands!  Taking your hands off the camera will keep the shake out of it, helping make your photos nice a crisp.
  4. Use the timer mode and shoot away.  🙂

99th St to the Bridge

Using the aforementioned techniques, I only got this nice little shot, out on Long Island, New York.  I was trying to catch a view of the city from a different view, but it didn’t work out.  In the process, though, a lot of other neat opportunities popped up that would never have crossed my path.  Moral of the story, if it doesn’t work out, look for new ideas!
99th St New York William Woodward