Photo Challenge

Alrighty folks, it’s time for the 10 MINUTE PHOTO CHALLENGE!!!
The process is simple:
Step 1 – Pack up your photo equipment (we want to see all types of cameras, even your cell phone!).
Step 2 – Travel (by any means you like) for 10 minutes.
Step 3 – Photo!
Step 4 – Email it to me at:
We will have the gallery up a few days after the submission date, and you’ll be able to come see yours and everyone else’s submissions! Due date for this is July 9th at midnight. Can’t wait to see everyone’s shots!

The Mystic

I love this scene.  Can you guess why it is titled “The Mystic”? The answer is in the photo, you’ve just got to look!  Oh and this reminds me of a song 🙂

If the phone’s for me, you can tell ’em I just sailed away.

Mystic Wisconsin William Woodward