The “Ugly” Challenge

Challenge really isn’t a great word for it, because that makes it seem challenging, which it shouldn’t be. It should be interesting, and perhaps give you an opportunity to try out something new. Anyways, find something that could be considered “UGLY” and photograph it.  Shed interesting light in a new way.  Dates will follow, but let’s say we have about a week and a half. We’ll shoot for Wednesday of next week, the 29th.

Church in the Wild

Ominous skies are the best!  As much as I love a nice sunny day as the next guy, nothing makes for some stellar photo ops like an overcast, textured sky filled with clouds and light and textures.  You can really notice that my photographing quantities go down on those ‘clear blue sky’ days.  That or I end up finding different styles of things to point the lens at.  Oh, and speaking of lenses, shortly here I’ll be coming out with a ‘gear bag’ section of the site, highlighting some of the equipment I use (this seems to be a recurring question), and my experiences.

Church Grand Forks William Woodward