Learning Curve

The new site definitely is going to have a learning curve.  I’m getting a lot thrown at me all at once, but I’m getting a real good idea of where this can go, and it’s definitely an exciting prospect!

Patterns in the Brooklyn Bridge

I was quite surprised at the challenge shooting the Brooklyn Bridge turned out to be.   I have trouble thinking about bridges as not completely stable structures, so when shooting at night, needing to have a bit of a long exposure becomes tricky when the bridge is moving!  So you compensate a bit with a little bit of ISO, and trying to find a situation when there are less vehicles on the bridge (which on the BB is relatively never!).   Another trick is to get close to the more stable members, like the towers you see here.  As you can imagine, the center of a suspended bridge is going to sway more than below the towers.

Brooklyn Bridge NYC William Woodward