Ugly Photo Challenge

Lets finish these up this weekend all!  Can’t wait to see them 🙂  Email me your submission at william (at) wheretowillie (dot) com.

New HDRs

The tutorial will be all complete this weekend, so be looking for it on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday 😛 ).

Speeding Thru Hangzhou

While on a little exploratory expedition around West lake in Hangzhou, not only were there great views of the lake, and the scenery around, but there was all this awesome architecture and style along the outside of the road circling the lake.  I was enjoying the colors in the building here, thinking about trying to get a shot of it, when I saw these two people coming towards each other, one on a bicycle and the other on a scooter cart.  I had the f-stop turned up from some landscape shots earlier, so there was a bit of a longer exposure, just enough to create some movement in the people.

Thru Hangzhou China William Woodward