If you’re a regular viewer, you’ve undoubtedly heard me talk about HDR.  While there are a lot of connotations for HDR in the photography community, I try to generalize it, to take some of the negatives that people generally associate with it out of the style.  High dynamic range photography to me is just expanding on the range of light that the camera can capture.  If you take a standard single exposure, even in RAW, there is a limit to what range of light will get taken in to your camera.  There is nothing that you or I can do to change that (unless you are an engineer working for Nikon or Canon or someone…).  By whatever methods you deem worthy, expanding that amount of light, I feel, makes photos more interesting, it makes them have a feeling unlike what you normally expect out of a picture.  It expands beyond that ‘well you had to be there’ reaction.  Before and after shots of today’s photo of the day give an idea of what HDR can do.


Tonight is an awesome opportunity that I’m extremely excited about.  We’ve got a ‘Skyline Sail’ scheduled.   It starts in Burnham Harbor, Chicago, then we’ll head out to Lake Michigan.  If tonight’s sunset is anything like last nights, watch out!

Alice’s Place

We had just returned from a long weekend in Chicago, after getting picked up from the train.  Hunger, food, relax, sleep, all ideas that dart thru your mind after a long day.  Glowing ice cream cone?  Yeah, that’s worth postponing sleep.

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