I find a lot of comfort and knowledge in quotes.  It seems there is one for just about any mood or emotion or thought, that seems to just read your mind.  This one really seems to hit a fundamental point of photography, that really what we need to be thinking about and looking for is the light.

There is one fundamental fact about lighting.  Where there is no light, there is no beauty. ~ Ruby Ross Wood

All Roads Lead to One 101

It seems like night city shots are always filled with interesting lights.  Street lights, building lights, lights from cars and buses and scooters as they race down the streets.  If you’re lucky enough to have some low lying clouds as well, it can nearly be as bright as day, late in to the evening.  It’s really amazing to see the Taipei 101 from an angle like this, you get a perspective of how truly towering this structure is, and it’s presence is felt throughout the city.

Roads to 101 Taiwan William Woodward