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You’ll be seeing some site updates coming in the next few days.  Also, the 32 Bit HDR tutorial should be rolling out tomorrow!

As the Sun Pours Out on the Curved Roof

That’s quite a title.  It is really what happened though.  I had circled back a couple of times trying to figure out a safe way to pull over to this spot, and of course each time I passed it, it took 5 minutes to get back to where I had the chance to stop again.  It was one of those weirdly cloudy days, where it was cloudy for the most part, but brighter than it normally would be.  After stumbling around in the swampy ground up closer to the cabin, I was wandering back to the car.  Just as I was about to get in the car to leave, the sun broke thru the clouds, pouring out it’s warm light.  Time for one quick shot before it sunk back behind, leaving as fast as it arrived.

Curved Roof New Jersey William Woodward