Finding Shooting Locations

Sometimes the best shooting locations are out your back door.  You don’t always have to travel halfway round the world to find something new and novel to shoot.  One way I’ve used many times as a guide to find interesting things to see is just Google Maps and Street View.  You’ll get a good idea of the terrain and what’s easily accessible.  You can even find interesting places to get to on your GPS, just by scrolling around in whatever area you’re at.  You shouldn’t find yourself rushed.  Rushed photography rarely turns in to meaningful photography.  Set up, consider what’s around you, and find what’s interesting.

Serenity on the Water

The lighthouse glowed with red.  It was a great contrast to the blue-ness of the sky and the water, almost like the water had been dyed a foreign color.  It was later in the afternoon as well, so there was entering a soft yellow on the horizon as the sun began to set.  We wandered the shoreline and the piers, finding little interesting nooks and new places to see.


Serenity Water Wisconsin William woodward